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Eastern Europe: Mountain biking Georgia, Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti Enquire Now

8 days

Start & End

Starting Price
€ 1,499.00

Fitness Level

Avg Daily Distance

Max Altitude


Group Size
8 - 12

Best Time
June, July, August, September

Georgia Mountain Biking 2


This tour has the most spectacular mountain biking in Georgia. We ride in some of the more isolated and inaccessible mountain regions of the country that will bring you up close with the culture, history and diversity of Georgia. Mountains, lakes, remote villages, fishing, hiking, single track, jeep track, spectacular views, local cuisine and wine - this will be the trip of a life time.

We drive across one of the high mountain road passes of the Caucasus Mountains from Tbisili to Tusheti, with its fascinating medieval villages, descend the Abano pass by bike to picturesque villages that are nestled deep in the valleys with their unusual stone architecture. The friendly Tushetis, of which there are a few thousand of them, have been here for at least 1,600 years. They have their own dialect and live on the slopes of the valleys, surrounded by the 5,000 meter peaks of the Caucasus mountains. The winters are extremely harsh and so they spend them in the lowlands, migrating up in the summer with their cattle, horses and sheep.

You need to be a reasonably good mountain biker to enjoy this tour.


Best months are June, July, August

Fixed date 23 - 31 August 2018

Price for group of 8 - 12
Euro 1499


Day 1. Meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Explore the old town, visiting Narikala castle, Metekhi Church, Sameba Church and in the evening we will have a Georgian traditional Sufra at a restaurant.

Tour includes: Dinner 

Day 2. After an early breakfast we drive from Tbilisi to the spectacular mountainous Tusheti. region. We are dropped at the top of the Abano pass at 2900 meter. We mountain bike down the pass to the village of Omalo. The views from the pass are nothing short of spectacular. On the way we need to cross streams on the gravel road but that is all part of the experience. In the evening we have a typical Georgian cuisine at a local traditional guest house. Overnight in Omalo.

Duration: 5-6 hours.
Trail distance: 37km+
Tour includes: Breakfast-dinner.

Day 3. In the morning we do a big climb and ride 14km from Omalo to Gometsari Mountain, followed by a 6km hike and a 7 km descent to the village of Dartlo. Hiking or extra riding in villages Chesho and Dano. Overnight in Dartlo.
Duration: 4-5 hours.
Trail distance: 21km+ if you want to ride more, no problem.
Tour includes: Breakfast-dinner

Day 4. In the morning we ride along a wild river surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains from Dartlo to Parsma and then the remote Girevi village where Georgian horsemen are an experience not to be missed. Later, we ride back to Dartlo and overnight there in a local traditional guest house. The riding distance is 32km.

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.
Trail distance: 32km.
Tour includes: Breakfast-dinner

Day 5. In the morning we mountain bike in the villages Shenako and Dartlo, and visit the Dagestan border. Riding distance 25km+. Or we have another option, horse riding to Oreti lake which takes 6 hours of riding and is 25 km. We start the ride from Omalo and return to Omalo for the night.

Tour duration: 3-4 hours.
Trail distance: 25km.
Tour includes: Breakfast-dinner

Day 6. In the morning we drive to the top of the Abano pass and a spectacular 40 km descent awaits you. We pay a visit to a wine cellar in a monastery and then drive to Signagi where we spend the night.

Day 7. In the morning we drive to Kvareli and visit Khareba to experience Georgian wine. Back in Tbilisi exploring the old city. Overnight in old Tbilisi in guest house.

Day 8. Last day in Tbilisi. If there is time, we suggest an experience visiting the communist architecture lead by a local expert.
Transfer to the airport and flight home.


Essential Info

Tour cost includes

Transfers to and from airport in Tbilisi
Guest house in Tbilisi
Transfer to start of ride
Local traditional guest houses on the ride
Breakfasts and dinners
Experienced local mountain bike guides and mechanic
Support vehicle

 Tour cost does not include

International airfare
Medical insurance
Lunches -  You can budget on US10 for lunch and US$2 for a beer.
Bikes - these can be rented, but we suggest bring your own.
Extra night and day in Tbilisi - around US$65 per night for accommodation, meals, tour of the city, sulphur hot baths...
Extra activities


On the edge.
That's how the week felt. On the edge of the world. Far from civilisation. On the edge of the cliff traveling up one of the worlds most treacherous passes to Tusheti. On the edge of your nerves cycling downhill for 40 crazy kms... On the edge of happiness when there was no water or electricity after a long testing exhilarating ride. Edge of Europe, magnificent architecture and buildings and art in Tbilisi, yet foreign to anywhere you've ever been. Edge of Russia, where stark and hostile mountains tower above you. Chechnyan eyes watching your every move. Edge of glory standing above the worlds highest village and seeing tombstones of young people who have tumbled and lost lives there. Edge of epicurean delight, food and wine in abundance, but no facilities or variety. Edge of sybaritic paradise where water flows abundantly, yet modern facilities are sparse. Edge of the universe, where a full moon hangs in the sky, illuminating the magnificent Caucasus mountains, yet being brought back to earth by folk songs and guitars while men toast to their good lives.

Edge of exhilaration as we sucked up thin air cycling up another mountain, and watched boys bareback on horses gallop past, dust forcing its way deeper into our lungs. Edge of awesome as we admired forts and ancient ruins high above us, and struggled fearfully on horseback to see it all closer. Edge of insanity traveling so far, yet seeing so much, and experiencing so deeply.

The edge of the world, where in the magnificence of the mountains you want to shout "I've been to Georgia" then thunder downhill, rattled and dusty and grateful to be making your way home

~ Joanne Shlain McLeod, South Africa, August 2017


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