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Ride Away mountain bike tour to Slovenia


Ride with us in Slovenia in 2018...

Eastern Europe

Slovenia Biking Holiday 2

Slovenia mountain biking tour

I remember chatting to someone on a flight to Nepal and she was one of the main ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 1,180.00
Skill Level:
Fitness Level:
Next Trip: -

Georgia Mountain Biking 2

Mountain biking Georgia, Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti

Day 1 Arrive in Georgia. Explore the old Tbilisi.
Day 2 Drive ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 1,499.00
Skill Level:
Fitness Level: Good
Next Trip: -

Georgia Horsemen

Georgia mountain bike tour, Caucasus Mountains, Svaneti

Day 1 Transfer from the airport to the old part of ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 1,550.00
Skill Level: Intermediate
Fitness Level: Average
Next Trip: -

Hiking in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Duration: 9 days
Starting Price: € 1,349.00
Skill Level: Moderate
Fitness Level: Moderate
Next Trip: -

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