Stunning Slovenia, hidden gem

Eastern Europe

Macedonia 57 Dihovo Mountain Bike Holiday

Macedonia, Eastern Europe biking tour

Macedonia by bike

Here is one of mountain biking's best kept secrets. ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 895.00
Skill Level: Level 3
Fitness Level: Level 3
Next Trip: -

Slovenia Biking Holiday 2

Slovenia mountain biking tour

I remember chatting to someone on a flight to Nepal and she was one of the main ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 1,180.00
Skill Level:
Fitness Level:
Next Trip: -

Rodopi Mountains (3)

Mountain biking Bulgaria

Day 1 Arrival in Sofia, capital of Bulgia

Day 2 Rila mountains exploration and adventure. ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 975.00
Skill Level: 3
Fitness Level: 3
Next Trip: -

Georgia Mountain Biking 2

Mountain biking Georgia. Adventure in the Caucasus Mountains.

Day 1 Arrive in Georgia. Ride from Kojori to Tbilisi. ... Learn more

Duration: 8 days
Starting Price: € 1,350.00
Skill Level:
Fitness Level: Good
Next Trip: 05/08/2017 - 13/08/2017

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Eastern Free State-mountain biking-Golden Gate-Clarens -

Steve thanks for a great ride. Look forward to seeing you in the...

~ Andy Fenn, Gauteng, South Africa, Oct 2013
A journey through the Dalmation Islands - 15 days -

Just a quick e-mail to say thank you to all of you for a fabulous...

~ Sharon Malherbe., Johannesburg, South Africa

Back at my desk… freezing anything that is exposed off!!! AND having...

~ Val Weldon., South Africa

Tails from the trail

19 August 2015 : Ride and Sail the Dalmatian Islands of Croatia.

Mountain biking into the 14th Century

From the deck of our...


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