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Skill Levels

Are Our Trips For You?

Have a look at these levels. They will give us an indication of your prowess on a mountain bike.

Each trip's ability level is the minimum level required for that trip.

Skill Levels

Skill Level Description
1 You have limited experience with off-road mountain biking, and you are more of a roadie. You are pretty fit, adventurous, and want to improve your mountain biking. You know how to use your gears and brakes properly but when the terrain gets technical you dismount and push your bike.
2 You have been mountain biking for at least one year or have decent general riding skills and good fitness. You can ride moderate single track that is not too technical. You are a weekend warrior, have entered a couple of races and would be prepared to put in a bit of training for your trip
3 You have been mountain biking for around two years, and have solid intermediate-level skills. You can handle a varied rolling terrain, have good control of your brakes, and know how to shift gears appropriately so that you don't get off your bike too often. You are not too bad on slightly technical sections, with smaller rocks and roots and can climb on single track as long as it is not technical. You would usually take the chicken run in a race. You are adventurous and want to improve your mtb skills.
4 You have been riding for at least 3-4 years and are confident in almost all aspects of mountain biking. You can handle most technical terrain, include rocky and slippery trails, along with features such as switchbacks and small drop offs. You are comfortable taking the bull run but sometimes opt for the chicken run. You would consider yourself above average on technical sections and seldom have to dismount.
5 You have been riding for over five years and are confident riding all types of terrain and distances. You train regularly, could be classified a racing snake of note and can handle technical rocky terrain. You can descend fast, climb technical single track and have done a few stage races. You usually take the bull runs in a race and would only to walk a section if you absolutely couldn’t ride it.

Fitness Levels

Skill Level Description
1 You ride purely for enjoyment and a hill does not fit into that equation. You are happy to ride the 5-10km with your kids and even then thats pretty tough. But with some goals and a chance to ride somewhere awesome you would be prepared to put in a little training.
2 You have average fitness and are capable of riding 2-3 hours a couple of times a week, and can handle one or two easy climbs. If there was a 20km and a 40km option at a race you would choose the 20km. You are strictly a weekend warrior, and a “back of the bunch” rider.
3 You are capable of riding 4 hours a day at a moderate pace, and can handle a super classic of 40km. You would finish in the middle of the field somewhere. You exercise regularly throughout the year, at least twice a week for an hour or so.
4 You train 4 to 5 times a week. Probably have a road bike as well, have ridden a few stage races and are not bad in your age category. You would consider yourself a relatively strong rider and don’t have a problem with long climbs. You have done some stage races.
5 You are a strong rider and do some serious training. You are competitive in your age category. You can handle sustained climbs and would ride the steep sections even late in a race. You train regularly for endurance events and have probably done a number of Sani2c’s or Cape Epics (or similiar).

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